30 Day Weight Loss Challenge

30 Day Weight Loss Challenge

.all right we are going to prep some smoothies this is something that you may choose to do on sunday night to save yourself time and energy in the weekday mornings so what i'm going to put in my smoothies are going to be.

30 Day Weight Loss Challenge

30 day weight loss challenge for beginners

.one ripe banana each if the bananas are quite small you may want to do one and a half i'm going to add half a cup of frozen berries you can choose any fruit another option i really like is frozen mango chunks

which you can also buy in bags like these in the freezer section of the grocery store

there's also usually frozen peach frozen mixed berries.

.and a handful of dark leafy greens i'm going to be using spinach you may choose to use kale or even a big box of salad spring salad mix you can just grab a handful of that and put that in each container these are takeout containers that i have washed and i've reused them many times.

.they make great little meal prep containers alternatively you can choose to use freezer bags and you can reuse these many times as

well when you're done using it once just rinse it out immediately.so that the fruit doesn't stick to the bags it makes it a little bit harder to wash later on if you wait and you want to make sure that the bananas are nice and ripe this will make.

 the smoothies very sweet and something that i noticed with a lot of the ladies that i coach is they try to limit fruit and i know that this is a common belief that if you have fruit in abundance that it will somehow halt your weight loss because of the sugar in the fruit but you've got to remember fruit is full of fiber as well and water both of which are free from calories completely.

so i'm just putting one full banana in each of these containers i really encourage you to up your fruit intake and don't be afraid of consuming whole natural fruits and fruits in smoothie because they still have the fiber juices i do not recommend because the fiber has been removed but when it comes to whole fruit do not feel that you need to stick with these tiny little quantities because that's simply not going to fill you up and when you're not full at meal times when you are still hungry and you're eating.

.under that hunger drive that is when the cravings a couple hours later kick in for those higher calorie density junk foods and packaged and processed foods so because this diet is lower in calories per pound of food that you're going to be eating you will likely be eating a higher volume of food than you may have in the past so i'm just doing a handful in each.

.and i actually have a few of these already made up in my freezer so i'm only doing

three but you can do as many as you can

fit in your freezer and you know maybe seven you want to have one for every day. of the week ready to go another option is you can actually shred up a cabbage and put a handful of cabbage in each one of these

instead of or in addition to the greens.

30 Day Weight Loss Challenge

.and half a cup of blueberries in each beautiful so we're just gonna put the lid on and pop those in the freezer and then in the

morning just open one up put everything into the blender depending on how thick of a consistency you like your smoothie add that amount of water. in i usually do 10 ounces.

30 Day Weight Loss Challenge

.and a splash of plant milk either almond coconut or soy milk you can add stevia if you want to sweeten it a bit more and i personally like to add lots of cinnamon which you may have seen me do i go a little cinnamon crazy. because i just love it so keep it as simple as you need to if you want to make all of them the exact same go ahead. 

.and do that if you're someone  who craves more variety maybe you want to have mango on one day and pineapple on another day and

frozen papaya on another day go ahead and mix it up and get creative but i always say the simpler you make things the more likely you are to stick with it because it's just easier to prepare.

 .and just i'm all about ease smoothies are also a really good option if you are on the go say you're going out for two or three hours you can always blend up a smoothie take it with you if you're not hungry at the

moment at least you have something on you that you can drink and it's going to fill you up a little bit.

until it's time for your next meal also i know one concern with eating a whole food plant-based diet is price and budgeting for groceries you know certain foods can be

expensive and if you are trying to stick within a certain budget then i say to not be afraid of frozen.

fruit and frozen vegetables they are still very nutritious and i find that the price per ounce or the price per pound of food when frozen tends to be much better value most of the time of course sometimes there'll be blueberries on sale where you can get a punnet of them for like 97 cents then by all means you can have some fresh blueberries and that's often what i do. but because i am you know using these daily i also put them in my oatmeal i like to get the big bags from the

freezer section at either walmart or winco here in arizona.

.what we're going to be making is a chickpea and spinach dip i'm a big fan of this and i really recommend it with no oil fries, i'm actually going to slice potatoes into almost little crackers or almost like they're little slices of bread and i'm going to put the dip on top but you can choose to make them into fries and do it differently every time another option is you can cut up some raw veggies.

30 day weight loss challenge for beginners

.some carrots celery bell peppers cherry tomatoes and have those ready in your fridge

as a really easy snack to take with you to work or wherever you happen to be going so normally i would just use one can of chickpeas but because i'm prepping a few containers worth of this dip i'm going to be using two and i'm gonna rinse these out really well.

all right so i've rinsed the two cans of chickpeas well and put them in the blender here, and you're just gonna take a big handful

of dark leafy greens i've chosen spinach and now i'm going to add some spices so i'm going to add in a sprinkle of crushed red pepper chili flakes dill and you can just add your favourite.

30 day weight loss challenge for beginners

.spices in maybe you want to do some garlic powder some onion powder some smoked paprika and because this is such a large amount of dip that i'm making i'm going to be

adding in four tablespoons of lemon juice and two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar

i'm also going to be adding in a bit of

sea salt which is optional all right and i'm adding in six ounces of water.

.and there we go i think six ounces of water was the perfect amount it's not too liquidy and it's not too thick either it'll make a nice spread or a nice dip these glass containers hold two cups and this little one here holds

one cup all right so i poured some of the dip

into each of these containers i wasn't too precise about it i just put some in each

and i'm going to go ahead and sprinkle a little bit of dill on top and that's it you can make them just like i have or you can get creative.

30 day weight loss challenge at home

30 day weight loss challenge at home

.and add your own Favourite beans and your

own favourite spices and seasonings some examples that you could use are dark red kidney beans you could use black beans you could use lentils you could use cannellini beans and you can add some liquid smoke if you like a hickory type of a flavor and if you really like spice you could add some more spices to these as well.

.all right so i've washed these four potatoes and i'm leaving the skin on and i've just set my oven to preheat at 450 fahrenheit and i am slicing the potatoes into about half a centimeter thick pieces they're going to look like thick crackers and i'm going to lay them out on the silicone baking sheet i'll have to use two because these won't all fit on one.

i'm going to make extras so alex can have some too now you can use any potatoes you can do this with sweet potatoes russet potatoes these are yukon gold potatoes and again another option that you have is you can

slice these into fries and dip the fries into our dip that we made and you want to keep them relatively similar in size just so that they bake at the same rate.

.all right i'm going to go ahead and put these in the oven and set my timer for 25 minutes and then i'll take a look and see how they

are and they may need a bit more time all right so 25 minutes was more than enough time they are nice and crispy if you don't want them quite as crispy as this then of course you can just maybe leave them in for 20 minutes or just check on them after 10 or 15 minutes but i actually think these are going to

be quite yummy like this now i've got one of my little containers of dip here i'm actually going to eat this now.

some options are you can just actually dip them and eat it like this um really good or what you can do is lay the potato crackers

out on a plate and get a spoon or a knife and spread a little bit of the dip onto each of the

slices of potato all right this is a very very simple lunch.

30 day weight loss challenge at home

 .we've got some leftover rice here we've got some broccoli that was frozen and i cooked it with a splash of water on the stove top and i rinsed a can of chickpeas that's one half of a cup and another half a cup and i'm actually just gonna divide the can of chickpeas into

two so that's about i guess three quarters of a cup in each of these dishes. this is a very very simple lunch if you want to get more

exciting with it you can add some corn, you can add some chopped up onion, you can get as creative.

 as you want to but if you want to keep it simple there is your base and season it how you like i recommend seasoning it when you're ready to eat it i'm going to save this

one for tomorrow's lunch and i'm going to eat this one now so i'm going to add in some lemon juice.

30 day weight loss challenge at home

.splash of lemon juice and a splash of soy sauce and i feel like having a bit of spice

so i'm going to add some cayenne pepper

and voila delicious i've already warmed up these ingredients so i'm just going to eat it otherwise you can put it in the microwave

for two to three minutes and that should

warm it up enough for you to enjoy and it is really important that i continue to reiterate

that you by no means need to limit your portions one of the reasons i recommend

making extra whether it's you're making

potatoes or you're making vegetables or you're making rice or barley or millet make a little bit more.

.than you think you're going to eat at that meal just in case you happen to be hungry an hour later or maybe you eat this lunch and you're thinking you know what i'm still a little hungry

i could probably have a little bit more then by all means continue to eat that meal until you're comfortably full or if you want to snack on some fruit go ahead and have some fruit,

30 day weight loss challenge for beginners

. because the food is so low in calories per bite it is very important that you eat until

you are comfortably full otherwise if you are continuously under eating this will lead to cravings for high calorie density packaged. and processed junk foods and i just don't want you to have to deal with that i want you to feel that you are satisfied at meal times so please  eat until you are comfortably full another thing.

 .that you can prep that will help you save time and energy in the week is barley now all of this here is three dry cups of barley that i prepped a couple of days ago actually i ate some of it so this is a little bit less than three dry cups cooked. and so barley really absorbs a lot of water and expands.and it is a fantastic filling wet starch something that you can use this in is soups it's very filling and hearty in soups i actually provided a recipe.

 for a potato broccoli barley and lentil soup as part of the meal plan for this 30 day low calorie density challenge.

.that you know they don't digest oatmeal well or they're just not a fan of oatmeal because of the mushier texture you may enjoy making barley and preparing it as though it were oatmeal so adding cinnamon and some stevia to sweeten it some berries a sliced banana and i tried this the other day and i actually really enjoyed it also any type of rice bowl that you might be making.

.you can use barley instead so you can have barley with some black beans or kidney beans or chickpeas a little splash of soy sauce and or lemon juice some of your favourite spices like garlic powder onion powder and some veggies on the side some

broccoli some peas corn peppers whatever you like remember one of my big recommendations.

.is to get creative with these whole plant food low calorie density ingredients and come up with meals that you really enjoy and that are easy for you to repeat

30 Day Weight Loss Challenge

.all right now i'm going to wash some baries and grapes and make some little fruit salad cups now i actually don't often buy fresh fruit other than bananas and apples because i have fruit daily in my oatmeal and my smoothies i prefer to buy the large bag of frozen berries, frozen mango, chunks frozen, pineapple chunks it's just such a better value

however these strawberries were 99 cents

so i bought four packs.

.and the grapes were 68 cents a pound so i had to grab them for that and i am going to make some little fruit salads, someone is on his best behavior just hoping he gets a piece of banana, oh he got it was that nice.

.all right now i'm going to throw in a generous splash of lemon juice now if you haven't already bought a big bottle of lemon or lime juice i highly recommend that you do so it's just such a great way to add flavor to so many different dishes and if you're like me and you have a hard time making yourself drink enough water each day.

 it can be a really good way to kind of make water a little bit more interesting now i really

don't want you guys hyper focusing on quantities like how many bananas did you use and how many strawberries and how many oranges don't worry about that honestly

fruit is so low in calories per pound we really want to get away from that mindset of

measuring portions out and serving sizes

when in doubt pour an extra large scoop.

.and if for some reason you you get full before you finish it then you can just put the lid back on and put it back in the fridge and eat it later and when it's time to eat this something i also like to do is sprinkle some cinnamon on top some other great things to meal prep on sunday night so that you have food for the week.

.are soups and chili dishes and i recommend always including a wet starch like a potato

barley or rice and some form of beans whether it is chickpeas black beans kidney beans lentils and also vegetables ,which meal do you have the biggest challenge with maybe you have a hard time making breakfast that are filling or lunches that are really quick or dinners that are enjoyable and don't take too much time to prepare