Adverse Effects Of Obesity On Fertility In Women

Adverse effects of obesity on fertility in women

Adverse effects of obesity on fertility in women

It is not easy for obese women to have a child, research shows that there is a strong relation between obesity and fertility and obese women carry more risk of miscarriage. Weight loss can increase the fertility in a lot of obese women

In a recent study in a famous  University hospital, cent percent of the women diagnosed with cysts in the ovary and were extremely obese were able to conceive after a bariatric weight loss surgical procedure, this shows that there is strong association between obesity and infertility.

Many obese women with lot of fat shelves around the abdomen are more prone to infertility and condition like POCS. And normal ovulation is not possible for them leading to problems in gestation periods and in advanced stages of pregnancy they are either given bed rest or other complications associated with pregnancy. Hence the obese women who want to get pregnant should shed the weight first before planning to conceive as weight loss pills and bariatric surgery while being pregnant is not advisable and it is dangerous to both the foetus and the mother.

Hence the extremely obese woman planning to conceive should consult a bariatric surgeon or a weight loss specialist beforehand. Another problem is the diabetes that can crop up at the time of pregnancy which can lead to blindness in the foetus and other complications to the mother like heart disease high blood pressure and joint pains etc which can put both the mother and child . Most increasingly popular method among infertile and obese woman is bariatric surgery as other methods fall short of providing a quick fix and the success rate for bariatric procedure if done in a reputed weight loss clinic is very encouraging.