How To Get A Healthy Weight

How To Get A Healthy Weight

How To Get To A Healthy Weight

So why is being at a healthy weight so important all right so I can cite a ton of statistics showing how being overweight put you to risk for all these different elements diabetes high blood pressure coronary artery disease heart attacks stroke and on and on but I'm going to make this Article a bit different let's look at it from a logical perspective if we throw the statistics out when we weigh more our circulatory and respiratory systems have to work harder to deliver nutrients.

 .and oxygen to all parts of the body our digestive system also has to work much harder mainly because we're eating more than we need and why we're overweight if our

body needs only 2,200 calories per day but we're shoving in 3,200 calories a day that's a thousand more calories per day that our digestive system must adjust and absorb so in a year.

. at 365,000 extra calories our body is breaking down digesting absorbing and storing so let's say you're looking to buy a used car two identical car three years old car

one has 32,000 miles on it our two has 88,000 miles less wear and tear and the engine is going to lean you to buying car one take the same perspective for your body being overweight also puts more stress on joints ligaments and tendons more stress on these makes them.

.wear down faster and become more prone to breaking down and even tearing being overweight has a dramatic effect on our happiness being overweight can lead us to seek isolation and bring about poor decisions we're looking for something to make us feel good and who makes us feel

good so we're overweight feeling bad eating more food to make us feel better and result is we gain even more weight feel even worse.

. and make our health even worse it's a vicious cycle that many times invades our social lives as we don't want to eat around others and sometimes do whatever we can to avoid people or even being out in the public setting being underweight is also unhealthy people that are underweight are not getting enough nutrients in their body to allow it to function profit we can be immune system bones become fragile increases fatigue.

Healthy weight

 and decreases brain function and can also decrease self-esteem and lead people to seek isolation as you can see being in a healthy weight.


Healthy weight for man


Healthy weight for women

Healthy weight for man

 Tip number one: keep healthy weight loss snacks in your office and in your home filipinos are notorious for always having chips cookies hidden in the corners of their office or the corners of their home these are all added calories that you take in throughout the day by substituting processed snacks for natural
nutrition rich snacks you can improve the amount of nutrition you put into your body.

and limit the number of calories processed snacks are normally loaded with sugar and salt and have very little nutritional value so samples of healthy snacks could be nuts fruits chopped vegetables even seaweed would be better for you and your body in the long run.
Healthy weight for man

 Tip number two: avoid processed food and substitute it with unprocessed nutrient-rich foods unfortunately food that's readily available to us are processed and cheap and studies have shown that these are more likely to create addictive behavior which means you tend to over eat they really term
empty calories because they don't provide you.

.nutrients that your body needs all food plant-based nutrient-rich diets have been shown over and over again in major scientific studies to not only prevent but also reverse
all major diseases plaguing mankind there has been an epidemic of non-communicable chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease diabetes metabolic disease alzheimer's and so on and so forth diet has
been shown to reverse this an excellent resource for this is a book by dr greger entitled how not to die.
Healthy weight for women

Tip number three: eat more protein the american journal of clinical nutrition concluded in a study that high protein diets are a successful strategy in preventing and treating obesity their studies show that including 25 to 30 grams of protein per meal provided improvements in appetite body weight management and cardiometabolic risk factors a person should eat.

more eggs fish lean meats and beans these foods are high in protein and relatively low in fat low proteins include white poultry low-fat cottage cheese and even tofu avoid refined sugars sugary drinks such as what you find in soft drinks and energy drinks can contain
up to 90 spoons of sugar per 20 ounce serving these are all excess calories and sugars that end up in your body being converted into fat the next tip is my favorite.

Healthy weight for women

Tip number four: drink black coffee coffee in various studies has been shown to contain a series of phytocomponents which may help
improve the body's metabolism of carbohydrates and fats which may lower your risk of diabetes and liver disease of course you have to skip putting sugar and putting creams once you get used to drinking black coffee the true flavor of the beans comes out
and you can truly begin enjoying it most coffee shops blend their coffees with milks
creams and sugar that would make anything
taste good you might as well have a good
dessert and know what you are getting.
Healthy weight

 Tip number five: stay hydrated water is the best fluid that a person can drink throughout the day it contains no calories and provides a wealth of health benefits when a person drinks water throughout the day the water helps increase their metabolism drinking water before a meal can also reduce the amount that they eat by giving you a feeling of fullness and if they replace sugary drinks
beverages with water this will help reduce the total number of calories that they consume throughout the day avoid refined carbohydrates unfortunately refined carbs is a staple in most philippine diets only rice or white rice and white bread as in pandesal are classic examples of refined carbs this can actually be more damaging to the body's metabolism than saturated fats as the liver would release fat into the bloodstream in response to the influx of sugar from the refined carbs avoid white breads and white rice as much as possible remember that most breads rice and pasta are available in whole grain options just some general reminders on losing weight naturally.

.remember that fat diets nutritional pills medical devices or equipment and magic exercise sessions can make you lose quickly but it's not sustainable these types of practices can sometimes be dangerous as they prevent people from meeting their nutritional needs lasting weight loss over time is no more than one to two pounds per week and that is considered healthy weight loss most interventions are made by changing disruptive eating patterns over time as a good friend of mine likes to say abs are not made in the gym they're made in the kitchen make changes one at a time changes that you can maintain over time are the best don't try to do everything all in one.