Science Behind Starvation For Weight Loss


Science behind starvation for weight loss

Science behind starvation for weight loss

Come winter and most of us experience weight gain, it looks inevitable .Research shows that only a small percentage of people are affected by the so called hibernation theory.Only primary reason is that we do less exercise and we tend to be lazy and our mobility is curtailed and we eat more.

In winter those who booze liquor tend to eat more and consume more average meal is around 500 calories, but in winter we tend to snack between meals and there is a chance that you will have more calories in between meals, sometimes we have salad, a burger, or French fries, have aerated drinks etc, which will increase the chance to reach the more than required calorie levels. There by increasing the chances of forcing the body to store the excess calories as fat shelves in the most undesirable areas of the body

When we drastically reduce the food intake throughout the day then the metabolism slows down to a extend that it becomes almost impossible to lose weight. Especially it is very dangerous to skip the breakfast, the body has to kick start the metabolism as soon as we start the physical activity in the morning. We think that we can reduce the calorie intake by skipping the breakfast but it is a wrong thinking and it has to be corrected .

When we look at starvation closely we can find that body first consumes the sugar stored as glycogen from the liver and muscles, when we observe weight loss for the initial period of one week we can see some weight loss but it should be noted that the fat shelves are directly attacked otherwise it is not desirable weight loss.

Even protein in the skeletal muscles are also broken down to compensate the low calorie intake, then the next level body consumes the fats stored and the muscles. Body also lowers the body temperature and induces us to slow down movements and asks us to sleep or lie down more


It is advisable to snack or eat a reasonable meal once in 4-5 hours in active time to raise ones metabolism.We should select food which has more lean proteins and fiber so that we will feel full for a reasonable amount of time.