Top 10 Weight Lose Tips

Top 10 Weight Lose Tips

Top 10 Weight Loss Tips

1.Music: The ultimate promoter of weight loss

Music can enhance and encourage the process of fat burn

Yes this is absolutely true! Listening to music is one of the most impactful and easiest weight loss tips you will ever get to try. Researches have proved that music plays a prominent role in helping you lose weight. For example, while having a meal if you listen to any of Mozart’s masterpieces then your metabolism will improve and food will digest quickly whereas if you play rock or pop music you will eat much faster than usual. Eating faster will make you consume larger proportions of meal making the digestion process slower and harder. Music can also increase weight and this crime is committed by classical music mostly. When you play classical tunes, you imagine luxurious diet and the urge to have such food overcomes you completely. Similarly, while exercising if you listen to faster tracks, you will work out faster and will get tired soon whereas if you listen to slower songs, then you may work out a little longer than usual. Hence, benefits of music are immense and exclusive in materializing your weight loss fantasy.

Budget : cheap

Reviews : Thanks for this handy tip since nobody ever told me about this aspect of music. I am a die-hard fan of classical music but now I will restrict myself from playing it while I eat. (Natacha)

Top 10 Weight-Loss Tips That Science Actually Knows Work

2.Use non-stick frying fan

It is a weight loss tips diet that limits the consumption of saturated fatty acids

It is a weight loss tip diet that limits the consumption of saturated fatty acidsThe secret of losing weight is really easy. One major trick in weight loss is to use a nonstick skillet frying pan. This will avoid any further absorption of your cooking oil to your food. Moreover, this not only suffice your taste buds but it will also remove those unnecessary fats better known as saturated fatty acids. These fatty acids are commonly found in animal fat and are the leading cause of cholesterol in the bloodstream. Removing the unnecessary fats will greatly reduce the number of calorie intake per meal. This will only imply that a decrease in the calorie intake will definitely result to weight loss.

Budget : quite expensive

Reviews : The oil-free cooking can lose weight. We limit the consumption of unnecessary fats and it is fun eating good food. (Alexandra)

Apple cider vinegar

3. Apple cider vinegar

A weight loss tip diet that helps to stabilize the blood sugar of the body for a longer time

A weight loss tip diet that helps to stabilize the blood sugar of the body for a longer timeThis is one of my favorite weight loss tip diet because I tried it and I am assuring everyone that this is legit. At first, I was confused since I have the assumption that this product is acidic but after I tried it, I achieved a beautiful fair skin and shiny hair. In addition to that, drinking apple cider vinegar before each meal is one of the best ways to lose one’s weight. The health benefits of apple cider vinegar have been known for a very long time. Your grandmothers did not hesitate to use it as a healing ointment to some minor illnesses that exist. Furthermore, the apple cider vinegar is also beneficial for weight loss. In using it as a weight loss agent, one needs to take two tablespoons of the product in a diluted or pure water solution each day. This will facilitate proper digestion, regulation of intestinal transit, and fights fatty acids in the body.

Budget : expensive

Reviews : If someone had told me before that apple cider vinegar had incredible powers on the system, I will not spend so much money in buying more slimming pills. I am so happy because one of my friends told me that I can have a beautiful skin by just preparing a face mask made of apple cider vinegar, milk and sugar. Yes it is true so all you need to do is to combine these ingredients if you want to obtain a beautiful and healthy skin just like me. In addition to that, I also lost 8 pounds of my weight in just a matter of three months (Marissa A;)

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4. Eat al dente pasta

It is a weight loss tip diet that has a lesser impact on blood sugar

It is a weight loss tip diet that has a lesser impact on blood sugarEating any kind of pasta makes us healthy by allowing us to lose some weight. You need to prepare the pasta “al dente” because if you overcook the pasta, you will lose the beneficial properties in sugar. So if you will maintain the pasta “al dente” then it will have a more consistent thick structure. As a result, the digestion is more complex and the sugar will still remain in the body and thus losing your appetite to eat more.

Budget : cheap

Reviews : I was unaware of it until I ate it and lost 4 pounds for over 3 weeks (Maegan Straw)

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5. Buy your food without an empty stomach

One of the weight loss tips diet that will easily help you in fighting your own food cravings

One of the weight loss tips diet that will easily help you in fighting your own food cravingsOne of the practical ways of losing weight is to eat properly before going to the supermarket to buy food. This idea is good especially to those people who love to buy an enormous amount of food or to those people who cannot control themselves in picking any kinds of food in the supermarket regardless of whether it’s a want or a need. Try to make a test by going to the supermarket full and you will notice that you will only buy those foods that are included in the list of your core needs. Such tendency is due to a lesser urge of unnecessary food buying since your body indicates that you are not starving.

Budget : Free

Reviews : I did this for several times just to test whether it is effective or not. Fortunately I succeeded! Now I lost weight while saving some money. I enjoyed myself doing this because I can choose the good quality of food since I have enough time to choose (Carol)

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6. Do not eat in bed or in front of the TV

One of the weight lose tips  diet that is advisable especially to kids and to those people who want to lose weight

One of the weight loss tips diet that is advisable especially to kids and to those people who want to lose weightEating in bed or in front of the television is one of the reasons why some people gain weight. So, if you want to lose weight avoid practicing this. Why?, simply because when you are watching television while you are eating, you will not be able to focus with proper food ingestion since your brain will not allow you to be informed that you already have a full stomach. But, if you will eat on the table, you will be focus with food ingestion which in turn will help you to regulate the amount of food you will intake. Therefore you will be soon in the state of satiety which will result to small food intake

Budget : Free

Reviews : By doing this habit, I quickly lost pounds on my hips, and without much effort. It also helped me to properly chew the food which will avoid choking. And in two weeks I lost 5 pounds. (Ericka C.)

7. Eat slowly

A weight loss tip diet that helps digestion

Eating slowly is a trick to weight loss that has been proven by leading nutrition experts. You should know that the brain requires about twenty minutes to be in the state of satiety. By taking the time to chew the food, the brain has enough time to understand and to alert you that your stomach is full. As a bonus, eating slowly will help you to digest the food properly and helps to avoid choking.

Budget : Free

Reviews : I had never taken the time to eat. With this trick, I've learned to spend time at the table and enjoy my meal. With this technique, I lose weight without making a real effort. (Alicia Marshall)

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8. Eating apples before meals

A simple weight loss tip diet that helps reducing calorie intake

By eating apple before each meal, you can surely curb your hunger, increase your fiber consumption, and reduce your calorie intake every meals which results to losing weight. Apple contains pectin, a compound high in fiber and if you make it a habit to eat apple before each meal, you will have less appetite during the meal which will result to losing some extra weight.

Budget : quite expensive

Reviews : I love apples. I always eat apples anytime of the day. I make multiple varieties like apple shakes, apple pies and apple cakes but now I don’t need to exert an effort since I just need to grab an apple inside the refrigerator, wash it and eat it. If you will be serious of doing this, you will lose 2 pounds or more per week because I lost 2 pounds per week by just eating raw apple before my meals. (Helena Meyer)

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9. Eating with spices each meals everyday

Weight loss tip that will make you sweat and boost digestion

Make it a habit to add small amount of spice in your food. For example put a small amount of chili powder in your food. This will result you to feel hot therefore having the urge of drinking so much water that suppresses you to eat too much. Another alternative spice to choose from is Pepper which contains contain capsaicin, a substance to which has the same effects as with a typical chili powder. Once the substance comes into contact with the sensors of pain in the mouth, they will send information to the brain. This increases the heart rate and the level of adrenaline that will be burn as fats through sweating.

Budget : quite expensive

Reviews : The spices adds flavor of our dishes. We take pleasure to eat with spices while burning those extra pounds put on hips and belly. (Shane Nibu)

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10. Start your day with a glass of lemon water

A simple weight loss tip diet that helps intestinal problems

Drink a glass of water together with lemon juice will allow you to become active the whole day. Lemon is a citrus fruit that has many vitamins including vitamin C, which is excellent to spice up or helps you to start your day active. Just a half glass of lemon juice will have an effect on the digestive system. The juice helps in regulating the intestinal transit and eliminating the toxins from our body. Lemon juice will just pass directly to the liver causing you to lose weight. To make this beverage, you just need to squeeze a lemon and fill your container with mineral water. Drink the juice half an hour prior to your breakfast meal.

Budget : cheap

Reviews : The lemon has many virtues for the body. Although it is difficult to drink it especially in the morning, but any sacrifice is rewarded. In my case, I used hot water with lemon rather than cold water and as I lost 1 pound a week. (Stella Grouper)

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11. Chew food slowly
It is a weight loss tip diet that helps in losing weight very fast

Digestion plays a critical role in the slimming process of our body. By taking the time to eat slowly and chew the food (it is recommended to chew a couple of times), you will be pleasantly surprised to receive the satiety signal that sends to your brain. As a bonus, you will take the time to enjoy the food that you put into your mouth. This will allow you to finish your food longer but at the same time you will enjoy the taste while eating less.

Budget : Free

Reviews : I take the time to chew and enjoy my food. I still need to check whether my urge for hunger is still in existence or not. Fortunately with this weight loss tip diet, I lost 8 pounds in just a month. (Grace Staller)

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12. Eat while the food is hot

It is one of the weight loss tip diet that helps digestion

It is recommended to eat your food hot rather than cold. This is due to the idea that a person will be able to chew his food carefully and slowly. As a test to this weight loss tip, try to observe someone who is served with a hot food on his plate. You will definitely notice that this person is obliged to let his soup bowl to cool down on its own. Furthermore, this will allow you to take your time in eating and chewing your food properly. With the means of properly chewing it, one will be able experience several benefits: (1) he will be able to appreciate the taste of his food; (2) he will have a better food ingestion and lastly (3) he will have a keen mind that will inform him to stop eating. With these assumptions, we can conclude that eating your food while it is hot will reduce the amount of calorie intake resulting to weight loss.

Budget : Free

Reviews : This weight loss tip really helps me to take good eating habits while losing my undesired weight. It is a miraculous idea that allowed me to lose weight so easily and without any hassle in it. (Aimee Anner)

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13. Drink water in a glass

A weight loss tip diet for controlling water consumption.

A weight loss tip diet for controlling water consumption.Another way to lose weight is to simply drink a glass of water. Drinking from a glass will allow you to avoid unnecessary air ingestion. Moreover, this will allow you to control the amount of water you consume per day. It is recommended for a person to drink at least 4 to 6 glasses of water a day. Those diet conscious individuals can now have a peace of mind for water doesn’t contain calories in it. What’s great about this universal solvent is that it can moisturize, drain, and eliminate our toxins out of our body. Furthermore, it can also make our stomach swell which as an effect will send brain waves telling our body to suppress our appetite. Therefore, you are not tempted to eat snack in between your meals which will allow you to lose weight easily.

Budget : Free (except price of water pack)

Reviews : This weight loss tip diet is so amazing that it helped me to lose 5 pounds within a month. (Cristina)

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14. Plunge into Guarana now for your daily Caffeine dosage

Recent researchs reveal Guarana as a potential appetite suppressant

Guarana is a shrub and after several researches it has been declared that it is encumbered with an amazingly powerful substance called guaranine that can overwhelmingly curb appetite. What more could a dieter ask for than a natural food supplement that burns fat faster than any other product. Guarana, after being consumed specifically before any meal, deploys a three-way method on the fat content present in your body and the functioning of digestive system. Guaraninehas similar properties as are found in caffeine and reduces weight by improving the metabolic process, acting as an appetite suppressant and increasing the frequency of urination. All three impacts cumulatively help you burn fat and shed weight quickly yet healthily.It is among the best available diet supplements and is gradually substituting various popularly followed weight loss tips due to its guaranteed results. Itcertainly does not involve any health-related risks and can be consumed any time of the day but should be taken before eating a meal.

Budget : cheap

Reviews : This is an amazing tip. I have never heard of this shrub ever before but now I will be trying it for sure. For months I have been looking for something that can substitute my caffeine intake. (Mariah)