Health Tips For Heart

Health Tips For Heart


Health Tips For Heart

9 out of 10 Canadians have at least one risk factor for heart disease which is our second leading cause of death but the power of prevention is in your hands says registered dietician Daphna Steinberg so lifestyle is the cornerstone for prevention and for for treatment as well as an adjunct to medication she offers her five top tips for heart health.

Number one: starting with food try and keep a healthy diet that's low in fat low in sodium and/or salt and high in fiber so things like lots of fruits and vegetables to get your fiber fresh foods to avoid the salt try and stay away from fried foods and processed foods as much as possible Steinberg says it's critical to read your nutrition facts table and ingredients list closely a few things to look for a low-sodium food contains 200 milligrams or less per serving limit your total daily sodium intake to between 1200 to 1500 milligrams or about half a teaspoon for trans fats the label should read zero but beware some foods.

 May contain trans fat in the ingredient list without showing up on the label so avoid foods containing partially hydrogenated oils and shortenings limit your total fat to no more than 30% of your total calories for the whole day which includes healthy fats like Omega threes for fiber you need 21 grams per day so reach for fruits and veggies in their solid form as well as whole grain cereals and breads.

Tips For Heart

Tips For Heart

 Number two:  heart Health Tips would be to avoid smoking absolutely if you don't smoke you don't want to start and if you do smoke you want to quit smoking is related to about one in five deaths from heart disease it can damage blood vessels decrease the amount of oxygen to the heart and boost blood pressure.

 Number three: keep an active lifestyle so for some people that means you know going to the gym on a regular base for other people that doesn't really work for them that means finding something that does 30 minutes of moderate activity meaning your heart rate is elevated is recommended every day and that goes hand in hand with her.

 Number four: maintaining a healthy body weight Steinberg says portion control is key we do know that a healthy body weight is important for reducing your risk of heart heart attack and stroke and it helps to keep your blood pressure under control when it comes to waist circumference men should not exceed 102 centimeters and women should not exceed 88 centimeters.

 And finally reduce your stress external stress can put internal stress like oxidative stress as well your body does react to things you know your your brain sends out different hormones when you're stressed approaches that have been shown to work include meditation exercise and healthy eating.

Heart Failure Symptoms

Have you been taking care of your heart during quarantine all of that soda and junk food may be taking its toll on you especially if you're not exercising 6.2 million u.s adults have heart failure almost 400 000 people died from it in 2018. people often mistake heart failure as the organ failing to work in reality it's when your heart can't pump blood properly let's talk about nine signs of heart failure you should never ignore are you coughing hard at night are you gaining weight are you having a hard time breathing wait does your heart feel like it's going to burst through your chest we're talking all that and more.

 Number one: heart palpitations has your heart been skipping a beat lately do you find your chest pounding unexpectedly scary feeling isn't it these are heart palpitations by definition heart palpitations are a feeling of fast beating fluttering and pounding some people experience it often while others have it on occasion either way it's uncomfortable let's get super sciency for a minute mini heart palpitations start when your heart's upper chambers contract prematurely yes your heart has chambers when this happens your heart is thrown off its rhythm there are several causes of heart palpitations things like low blood sugar dehydration and low potassium all play into it even having too much morning coffee can contribute whatever it is your heart is under stress people on the verge of heart failure are more likely to experience heart palpitations if you're noticing that you have palpitations more than usual don't ignore this speak to a doctor as quickly as possible and go from there what's the worst heart palpitation you've ever had what was the cause sound off in the comments section.

Heart Failure signs and Symptoms

Heart Failure signs and Symptoms

 Number two: weight gain a sudden increase on the scale can be shocking and there's several possible causes some of us just need to switch up our eating habits a person with heart failure will experience weight fluctuations if your weight increases you'll experience hypertension your heart is angry at the way you've been treating it but it's a little more complicated than that if your blood pressure is through the roof and it's accompanied by weight fluctuations it may be a sign that heart failure is coming people with a bad heart often notice a two to three pound weight gain in the span of just 24 hours by the end of the week you may have gained more than five pounds if you're going through any of the other symptoms while also seeing sudden weight gain get medical attention the state of your health is at stake.

 Number three: dizziness and fatigue much like weight gain there are many reasons why we become dizzy or tired but for a person with heart failure this happens the moment you wake up in the morning you can get dizzy the second you stand up if this is happening on a regular basis your heart is signaling that it needs help when your heart isn't functioning properly the blood will not circulate to the brain like it did before this will result in you feeling light-headed and confused just trying to walk in a straight line will be a task in the case of fatigue with heart failure your heart will be working overtime to pump blood in order for this to happen the heart needs to take blood away from other areas particularly your limbs the excess of blood will leave your heart and brain overwhelmed beyond belief this tires you out you'll hardly be able to get any work done you'll be that exhausted.

 Number four: coughing if you're suffering from heart failure prepare to cough up a lot of fluid the pressure on your heart will cause a lot of fluid to build up in the lungs any type of fluid in your lungs will cause a sudden and almost violent cough the mucus you'll cough up is usually white but this is where you should be alarmed if the mucus is a pink type color this means there's a little blood in it needless to say you need to talk to someone there are other causes for concern when it comes to coughing take night coughs for example if your cough gets worse when you lay down for bed your chest could be warning you about pulmonary edema this means there's way too much fluid in the lungs this brings me to my next point.

 Number five: shortness of breath on top of excess fluid in the chest a person can feel shortness of breath with heart failure this can be made worse if your lungs have developed edema the breathlessness can happen in any situation whether you're out playing basketball hanging out with friends or laying down for a good night's rest lying down flat poses one of the biggest challenges for your lungs you'll find yourself wheezing and breathing heavily this will get in the way of your sleep time one of the best things you can do in this situation is take two pillows and rest your head on top of them this way your upper body is elevated as i said fluid in the lungs can contribute but heart failure will also cause your blood to back up in the pulmonary veins these return blood from the lungs to your heart your heart is too weak to keep up with the blood supply and the fluid will start leaking into your lungs.

 Number six: loss of appetite heart failure can make you not want to eat now for some this might seem like a good thing after all a poor diet is one of the things that got you here in the first place well this loss of appetite happens when the digestive system receives less blood not exactly ideal for slimming down as a result you're not going to be hungry keep in mind your stomach will still feel full like you just ate the meal of a lifetime you might also feel a bit bloated in some cases even sick if this loss of appetite lasts a while you'll lose both weight and muscle your body just isn't taking in the right amount of calories and nutrients if you've starved yourself for no reason other than you're not hungry you should be concerned having trouble keeping a meal down talk to a professional as soon as possible.

 Number seven: confusion i mentioned a moment ago that heart failure brings on some dizziness well not only will you have a hard time keeping your balance you'll also feel mentally stressed this means you'll often have a hard time making sense of things maybe even some disorientation and memory loss heart failure can cause an imbalance of electrolytes in your body soon enough you'll start to retain sodium the rapidly changing levels of sodium in your body will put a strain on your brain it won't be getting enough circulation this is what causes confusion if people in your life are telling you your memory is slipping or you have to constantly be reminded of things this is a problem it's best to talk to a cardiologist if you can.

 Number eight: swelling of the lower regions this is another really scary symptom more so because it can happen so suddenly heart failure often results in swelling of the feet legs and abdomen you can blame edema for this the excessive fluid building up in your tissues has resulted in your body feeling bloated you'll soon notice that your lower areas have ballooned it's especially visible in your feet it'll even be hard to put your shoes on as for your abdomen the swelling will cause your midsection to get bigger as well this will give you a bloated look at the same time the fluid we talked about earlier will be collecting in your lungs.

 Number nine: frequent urination going to the bathroom a little more than you used to how about several times each night this is another sign of heart failure you just can't leave alone a weak part will be pumping less blood to the kidney this is because it's too busy trying to pump to the brain this leads to more fluid retention you could be going almost a whole day without really using the toilet this is until you go to bed by the end of the night you'll find yourself making multiple trips to the bathroom there are so many gross symptoms of a weak and failing heart.