Alcohol Drink Side Effects


Alcohol Drink Side Effects

Alcohol Drink Side Effects

Hello everyone with summer approaching you're gonna want to kick back on the patio and have a few drinks since this year has been a little different you may find yourself alone quite often in such a case it may not be a good idea to consume a ton of booze we often talk about the long-term effects that alcohol has on our bodies let's discuss the short-term ones what happens to your liver how about your blood weight can drinking alcohol do harm to your lungs. 

Let's talk about what happens to your body right after drinking alcohol the cracking of a beer is a universal signal that the weekend has begun if you're a person that drinks in moderation there's nothing more fun than opening up a cold one on a Friday evening but you need to think about what it's doing to your insides there are numerous body parts that feel the wrath of your drink of choice just the liver alone experiences a dramatic shift the liver is the organ most commonly associated with alcohol consumption when we see a sick drunk person it's common for us to hear them jokingly say I'm sorry liver given the way many of us party I say an apology is appropriate your liver is meant to detox your system. 

As  well as proteins and other various substances alcohol is no different when you drink a beer the organ will break down up to 90% of the alcohol this is with the help of enzymes from here it will turn the liquid into water carbon dioxide and anything else that could be used for energy this process will happen at a rate of one drink per hour as for the other 10% of the alcohol it will be excreted by your lungs and kidneys as well as through your sweat doesn't seem like such a big deal right well there's so much more to it than that are you finding this Article. 

 The lever does a pretty good job of breaking down alcohol but the more you drink the harder it becomes for the liver to do its job if you fall into alcohol abuse your heavy consumption will get in the way of the organs process resulting in liver inflammation and disease this includes corrosive as I stated a moment earlier it takes about one hour to process each drink if you drink way more than your body can handle you may suffer from alcohol poisoning if you've experienced this firsthand you know it's nothing to take lightly when you guzzle down more than two drinks per hour you're giving your liver more than it can handle we get it you can knock them back friends are very impressed this is why it's important to pace yourself if you're chugging drinks and not taking your time you've left your body overwhelmed with alcohol so much. 

So that it will have to process it slowly to save itself your body will begin rejecting it symptoms of alcohol poisoning include vomiting confusion low body temperature and passing out in the case of the latter symptom you will not wake up easily if you think alcohol consumption begins and ends with the almighty liver you're mistaken after swallowing your drink it's quickly absorbed into the blood 20% through the stomach and 80% through the small intestine it seems like an appropriate time for blood alcohol concentration to enter the conversation also known simply as BAC blood alcohol concentration refers to the percentage of alcohol. 

Present in your bloodstream if your BAC is measured at point 10% that means your blood supply contains one part booze for every thousand parts blood it only takes about 10 minutes to start feeling these effects your blood will begin carrying the alcohol through the rest of your body this is where the liver comes in the alcohol will circulate in the blood until your liver is ready to break it down what about the other organs your liver isn't the only one exposed to booze the rest of your body doesn't get off that easy your brain also feels alcohols wrath the drink settles in the blood traveling to your brain becoming a depressant this explains why many of us feel down and out after a couple drinks if you're drinking alcohol faster than your liver can break it down you'll start to feel drunk. 

A number of other effects will take place as a result these include delayed reaction time impaired vision mood swings and difficulty making decisions the latter of which normally results in poor choices usually to order additional drinks the more you drink the harder it will be for you to speak slurred speech is one of the first clear signs that you've had a few too many because the booze has impaired your ability to think you'll find yourself unable to coordinate your movements in the morning you may even suffer from blurred memory the experience of these effects vary from person to person factors such as age gender and body weight must be taken into account. 

For example women have a higher BAC after drinking alcohol due to differences in metabolism and absorption aside from loss of proper brain function your lungs can also be affected by alcohol consumption alcohol will evaporate from the blood and into the lungs eventually coming out through your breath as your alcohol intake becomes higher you will experience problems breathing this can be especially scary for those who have pre-existing issues your hard-partying habits will surely affect you in the long run chronic alcohol abuse can increase your risk of lung disease and alcoholic pneumonia. 

What happens to your body after drinking alcohol? 

 we've discussed what happens to your liver brain and lungs what about other organs where does your heart come in your cardiovascular system is directly affected by alcohol when you drank both your heart rate and blood pressure increased temporarily hypertension can be a direct cause of binge drinking your heart muscles can also be weakened over time not to mention you may experience an irregular heartbeat another organ that will see serious exposure to alcohol is your kidneys these bean-shaped organs are there to help your body pass waste as urine it does this by filtering the liquids of your body in the case of drinking alcohol your kidneys will have to work much harder to process the liquid in the end. 

You will produce excess waste this is why when you hit the bathroom after drinking you'll notice yourself urinating for a much longer period of time this will be followed by several more trips to the bathroom throughout the course of your night whoo no fun was spelled p EE am i right kidney pains are also common after a night of binge drinking not only will you feel a nasty hangover in the morning it may also be accompanied by soreness around the kidney area if you're a hardcore partier this may be due to a kidney infection or kidney stones if you only drink on occasion kidney pains are normally a simple product of dehydration if it doesn't seem to go away seek help from a doctor your skin will also change this change may not be immediately visible but it's still there alcohol is absorbed by our skin when we drink a small amount will evaporate from the blood vessels under our skin you may notice yourself blushing this will be accompanied by a warm feeling in your body your body temperature is changing the booze will also irritate the lining of your stomach this causes the digestive juice is inside you. 

To flow if you drink enough both your alcohol and stomach acid will build up this will make you feel sick we already mentioned frequent visits to the bathroom this time we're not talking about number one let's just say your toilet won't appreciate this when your small intestine experience is too much alcohol it'll become irritated your body will react with diarrhea if you're pregnant during alcohol consumption you're facing an entirely unique bag of issues drinking during pregnancy can disrupt the development of your child even one simple can of beer can cause harm your baby's body obviously can't break down alcohol the way the mother can do you drink often would you consider cutting back after seeing what it does to your body let us know in the comments below.