Benefits Beetroot

 Benefits Beetroot

Benefits Beetroot

Beets are a root vegetable that slightly resemble turnips they typically have a rough outer skin that covers their root which is attached to their long green stem and leaves early evidence shows that beet greens were used for food while the roots had medicinal uses some people also use the greens to heal wounds though they're best known for their deep red color beetroot actually come in several shades most stores stock red beets so you may have to go to the farmer's market or specialty food store to find less common types when it comes to beetroot opinions are fiercely divided some people love them and others loathe them if you've ruled beets out this Article might just convince you to give them a second chance stay tuned for some of the biggest health benefits of beetroot including beetroot juice and leaves.

Number one: they can lower blood pressure the nitrate content of beets is converted to nitric oxide which helps improve blood flow this is beneficial on the cardiovascular system and helps reduce blood pressure participants in one study found that within six hours of drinking beet juice their blood pressure levels were significantly lower another study found that drinking a glass of beet juice lowered systolic blood pressure by an average of four to five points it's thought that nitric oxide dilates blood vessels improves flow of blood and lowers blood pressure

 Number two: they can make you a better athlete the nitrates and beets improve blood flow which helps move oxygen throughout your body endurance athletes often drink beetroot juice to improve performance better oxygen flow means that the athlete's heart and lungs don't have to work so hard during exercise allowing them to perform vigorous activity for longer beets can also increase time to exhaustion in athletes in other words drinking beet juice before exercise seems to prevent fatigue and muscle exhaustion it's not clear whether this is because muscle damage lessens or because repair is enhanced but either way the results are positive studies suggest that beetroot juice should be consumed within 90 minutes of starting athletics for the best outcomes

Number three: they can reduce inflammation in your body the betalain in beets can reduce inflammation which researchers theorize is partially due to its ability to interfere with the inflammatory signaling process the anti-inflammatory effects of betalain are so promising that some researchers believe beetroot extract supplements could rival the benefit of certain synthetic drugs

 Number four: they can improve your digestive health beets are high in fiber which is good for your gut the fiber in beets resists digestion in the stomach and small intestine and travels intact into the colon where health promoting gut bacteria ferment it and use it for food the fiber also provides roughage that moves food through your intestines eating enough fiber protects against constipation hemorrhoids colon cancer acid reflux ulcers and obesity 

Number five: they're good for your brain many cognitive diseases appear to be triggered by an interruption in nitric oxide pathways it makes sense then that nitrates and beets can help improve brain function by increasing oxygen flow one recent study demonstrated the ability of beet juice to improve blood flow to the brain during exercise none of the participants exercised regularly and all were on blood pressure medication they were asked to exercise for 50 minutes three times per week for six weeks on a treadmill half drank high nitrate beet juice concentrate before exercise and half drank an identically flavored and colored placebo drink with almost zero nitrates those who consumed the beet juice showed more improved function in the areas of the brain related to motor control emotion and cognition compared to those in the placebo group.

Number six: they have cancer fighting properties beets are known to have antioxidant properties which protect cells from free radicals most specifically the betanine in beets has been studied for its ability to protect against cancer some researchers even see the potential for beet extracts for use in chemotherapy of course we don't have to wait until cancer strikes to start taking advantage of the cancer-fighting properties of beets.

Number seven: they boost your immunity beets are high in zinc copper and vitamins a and c all nutrients known to boost immunity vitamin a increases antibody production and stimulates your white blood cells which help ward off infections beets also contain iron which is needed to carry oxygen throughout your body keep your cells strong and enhance immune defense.

Number eight: they can boost your libido the use of beets as an aphrodisiac date back to the time of the romans who attributed the beauty and allure of aphrodite the goddess of love to her insatiable appetite for beets beets are rich in the mineral boron which plays a role in sex hormone production the effectiveness of dietary nitrates in beets to enhance blood flow can benefit sexual health as well.

Number nine: they are good for your eyes it's no surprise that eating fruits and vegetables is good for your eyes especially those with rich pigments beets contain looting and zeaxanthin which are well studied for their positive impact on vision consuming these carotenoids can prevent and slow the progression of age-related macular degeneration.

Number 10: they're good for your liver beets have an abundance of nutrients that keep your liver healthy such as iron antioxidants betaine and vitamin b beetroot helps protect the liver from oxidative damage and inflammation additionally pectin a water-soluble fiber in beets helps flush out toxins from the liver.

Number 11: they improve heart health betaine found in beets has been proven to lower levels of homocysteine which can be harmful to blood vessels the fiber in beets also helps prevent heart disease as it strips excess ldl cholesterol from the walls of the blood vessels and eliminates it from the body quickly the presence of folate vitamin b9 in beets has a therapeutic effect on the heart and betaine helps alleviate angina pain and shortness of breath by reducing blood pressure it can naturally support the vascular system antioxidants and beets prevent bad cholesterol from depositing in the walls of the arteries and protects the heart from potential heart attacks.

Number 12: they help your body detox beets support detoxification of the whole body and strengthen the immune system studies have shown that beetroot is one of the most potent antioxidant drinks of all the vegetable and fruit juices the pigments and beets assist the phase 2 detoxification process where broken down toxins are bound to other molecules so they can be excreted from your body this helps purify the blood and your liver.

Number 13: they reduce the risk of strokes a deficiency of potassium increases the risk of strokes and so it makes sense that beetroot which is rich in potassium is recommended to improve heart health and decrease stroke risk potassium relaxes the blood vessels and reduces blood pressure throughout the body blood clots are less likely to form when blood pressure is reduced and vessels and arteries are no longer contracted.

 Number 14: they may delay aging beet greens contain vitamin a and carotenoids that can benefit you from the inside out they also contain a decent amount of lutein another potent antioxidant these fight free radicals and can play a role in human skin photo protection however there's no direct research of beets delaying the signs of aging as of yet so take this one with a pinch of salt.

Number 15: they promote skin health beets contain vitamin a which helps maintain healthy mucous membranes improves skin health and supports the daily replacement of skin cells beets are also good sources of vitamin c studies show that fibroblasts need vitamin c to synthesize collagen which causes skin suppleness and elasticity vitamin c also protects the skin from the harmful effects of uv radiation and minimizes the formation of raised scars.

Number 16: they may boost hair growth beetroot contains carotenoids which allow for better blood circulation in the scalp and nourish the hair follicles from within carotenoids also reinforce and smooth hair making it ideal for more fragile hair types and helping with split ends to use beet root for your hair applying it directly to your scalp works best one popular at-home recipe includes the juice of two beetroots freshly grated ginger juice and two tablespoons of olive oil mix these ingredients to form a paste and work it all the way into your scalp to the tips of your hair keep it on your hair for around 15 to 20 minutes and stay in your bathroom for this one as you don't want beetroot stains on your furniture then wash it off and follow with your usual shampoo.

Number 17: they improve digestion regular consumption of beet or beet products has been found to improve digestion and blood quality some evidence suggest that white beads can also open obstructions of the liver and spleen but research is limited red beets may be useful in treating illnesses related to the digestive system and blood they've been used for this purpose for years it's believed that romans used beets to treat constipation and other related ailments as they're rich in fiber beets may help treat inflammation of the intestine fiber also aids bowel movement and enhances the overall health of the digestive system as you can see beets are a vibrant nutritious and underappreciated vegetable despite the great divide when it comes to taste preference beets offer many benefits from your heart to your brain to your overall disease fighting immunity they're certainly worth adding to your diet if you don't eat them already i hope you've enjoyed this Article.