Benefits Red Wine

 Benefits Red Wine

Benefits Red Wine

Hello everyone After a hard day of work, a glass of wine sounds awesome. Wondering what would happen to your body if you drank moderate amounts every day? In today's this Article, we're discussing the positive influence wine will have over your body. Besides increasing your life, what more can it do? Can it really reduce your risk of Alzheimer's? What are its impacts on depression? How about your heart and immune system? Is it that GOOD for your skin? We're talking all that AND more.

Number one: Your lifespan increases Yeah, you read that right. Drinking wine can increase your lifespan. Specifically red wine. Red wine is the most beneficial for you in general. Wondering why? What gives it an edge over all other wines? The answer is a particular type of antioxidant. Red wine is filled with this anti-aging miracle element. It boosts the activity of proteins, which fight against the aging process. This means you will have a healthier younger body. All thanks to the enhanced antioxidation process. This keeps your cells and tissues rejuvenated and young. Red wine stores healthy elements, particularly antioxidants. But that doesn't mean you can go on a drinking spree. Make sure you drink responsibly in moderate amounts. 

Number two: Your risk of getting Alzheimer's is reduced Woah! Red wine is good for your brain? Like actually? As it turns out, YES! Let me explain this in a little detail. Your memories are stored and processed by the brain, which needs a healthy dosage of oxygen and glucose to thrive. But as you start aging, this process slows down naturally, giving you brain-related problems like Dementia and Alzheimer's. You got that right! Anything that increases oxygen and glucose supply to your brain will help it work better. That's exactly what red wine does. Several studies have shown that drinking wine helps the free movement of glucose and oxygen to your brain. This keeps them alive, rejuvenated, and thriving. All in all, wine has the ability to sharpen your mind. Its ingredients protect your brain cells, supporting healthy memory and brain function.

Number three: You are less likely to be depressed There is an inherent link between wine and depression. In other words, it is a common belief that drinking wine in moderate amounts actually elevates your mood and frees you from depression. This is backed by science! But how? Depression is an invisible illness that's often misunderstood and goes undiagnosed. It sometimes takes years for the person to climb out of it. But there is something wine lovers can do! If you're in the habit of drinking red wine once a week, it can act as an antidepressant.

 But like I have been saying from the start of the video, make sure you drink a moderate amount. Too much of anything is harmful and can have the opposite effect. Study after study shows that wine can provide relief from depression and anxiety. Just a word of caution here... drinking wine is something EXTRA you can do to stay away from these issues. Alcohol is never the only thing. Moreover, you shouldn't drink alcohol if you are taking meds for these disorders. Meds and booze can be a deadly mix.

Number four: Your heart will be healthier So wine is good for your brain. But does it impact your heart as well? Just like your cells and tissues, your heart also requires lubrication to keep beating. There are polyphenols in wine, which are strongly associated with a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease. Polyphenols also protect the lining of the blood vessels present in your heart. Drinking 1 to 2 ounces of wines every day will also decrease bad cholesterol in your blood. It is this bad cholesterol that damages your arteries, leading to heart disease. And that's not all! Wine prevents the formation of blood clots, maintaining the wear and tear of your arteries and heart. Blood clots inside your body can be extremely dangerous. I'm talking fata, folks! 

Number five: You will have stronger immunity Pandemic or not, one thing is clear. We all need a healthy immune system if we want to lead a long, happy life. Your immunity is super important because without it, your body won't be able to fight diseases. This means even mild ailments can make you very sick, and your recovery time would be longer than those with good immunity.

 So where does the wine come in? Does it impact your immunity as well? Turns out yes! Scientists have found drinking a glass of wine every day boosts immunity. The ethanol present in wine can fight close to 200 viruses, safeguarding you against infections. The flavonoid content in wine is also very high, which can combat several viruses. And here comes my favorite part. As someone who suffers from sinus infection, this is the benefit that interests me most! Red wine can help reduce the symptoms of flu and cold.The polyphenol present will prevent viruses from multiplying once they enter the body. 

• Did you know there's a direct connection between your glowing skin and that glass of red wine? It is one of the best anti-aging drinks for your skin. After all, there is a reason why there are so many face washes, creams, and facial kits on the market claiming to be made from red wine! Red wine has a high level of antioxidants to stop the growth of acne and premature aging. It is extremely beneficial in maintaining healthy skin. This wonderful wine also gives you supple skin by increasing its elasticity.

• Wine stimulates the blood circulation in your skin, which further prevents wrinkle formation and reduces the aging process of your skin. Drink a glass of wine to keep your skin glowing and beautiful. Prevents obesity You might be surprised by this one! Moderate drinking can indeed have a lasting effect on your body. So if you are planning to go on a diet, do not stress over wine. You can drink red wine while losing weight. And it turns out that red wine can help you lose even more.

• But make sure you get a bottle of high-quality red wine made from the finest ingredients. But before that, you must understand the difference between overweight and obese. According to researchers, you can drink two glasses of red wine daily to lose weight. Polyphenols in red wine convert white fat into beige fat. You might be asking what difference it makes? It just converted one type of fat into another. Well, you are not wrong, but there is a huge difference between the two fats. White fats are T cells that expand as you gain weight. They store energy and make it harder for you to slim down. On the contrary, beige fats fight obesity and are way easier to lose.

 Now do you understand? Get healthy bones As you age, your bones take a massive blow and start thinning down. This means your bones become weaker with age. But researchers have approved of wine as it increases your bone density. Osteoporosis is a disease, which mainly effects women after they have reached menopause. Experts say women who drink moderately have stronger bones. Menopause or not, I am definitely enjoying a glass of wine. After all, it is for my bones! Drink a glass of wine to keep your bones from thinning and turning fragile. 

You get sharper vision Are you trying to increase your eyesight? 

Maybe you want to get rid of your glasses. Well who doesn't want sharper vision! As you age, your eyesight takes a huge blow. Along with several other things. But wine can help reduce the impact of this problem. Drink it moderately to improve your vision. Polyphenols present in generous amounts of wine are beneficial to your eyesight. Its anti-aging effect reduces age-related problems in your eye muscle. Eye muscles tend to lose their elasticity with time, adding to your vision problems. It is one of the leading causes of vision loss and is often considered incurable. The element resveratro, which is found in wine, can prevent this from happening. Red wine also protects blood vessels in your eyes from being damaged by old age.