Benefits Zucchini


Benefits Zucchini

Benefits Zucchini

zucchini is a summer squash that is native to the Americas it belongs to the species Cucurbita pepo along with a few other types of squashes and pumpkins it usually is dark or light green the golden zucchini yellow zucchini another variety is orange / deep yellow in color zucchini is usually treated as a vegetable and is cooked and presented as an accompaniment but botannical is speaking zucchini is a fruit though basically from the Americas the varieties of the squash were developed in the northern part of Italy after the 1850s the zucchini flower is edible and is usually used to garnish meals or cook zucchini the fruit is also extensively used in nations like Egypt France Greece Italy and Mexico benefits of zucchini one zucchini.

Number one: benefits for weight loss as we have already discussed zucchini is a low starch fruit which means it is low in carbohydrates and high in fiber which means it will fill you up and discourage overeating the fruit also has a high water content that can keep you full for longer periods it is one of those foods with a low glycemic index increased intake of fruits and vegetables and low fat foods has been linked to healthy weight loss and weight maintenance.

Number two: improves heart health zucchini is low in cholesterol sodium and fat and helps maintain a balance of carbohydrates a requirement for optimum heart health another reason zucchini works great for the heart is the presence of fiber high intakes of fiber have been associated with significantly lower risks of developing stroke hypertension and heart disease.

Number three: improves eye health one doesn't need to be reminded of the importance of vision that said zucchini seems to be more than food for your eyes the fruit is rich in lutein and zeaxanthin - antioxidants that were found to prevent age-related macular degeneration zucchini is also a good source of vitamin A that has improved high health the squash is also a wonderful source of beta carotene that can improve high health and offer protection against infections.

Number for: helps control diabetes it is but unfortunate that a household without a diabetic is a rare scene well that's the sad part so is zucchini good for diabetics yes the good part is zucchini can help non starchy foods like zucchini can fill you up and aid diabetes treatment.

 Number five: helps lower cholesterol zucchini is one of the few foods that are free of cholesterol and hence you can include it in your cholesterol-lowering diet soluble fiber has been found to interfere with cholesterol absorption this helps lower the bad cholesterol or LDL in the blood.

Number six: helps cure asthma as per an Iranian study the high levels of vitamin C in zucchini helped cure asthma the anti-inflammatory properties of zucchini also contribute to asthma treatment.

Number seven: protects against colon cancer ah its fiber again the fiber in zucchini is the most important reason it can help in the treatment of colon cancer the fiber does multiple things it absorbs the excess water in the colon retains enough moisture in the fecal matter and helps it to pass smoothly out of the body because of all this fiber works beautifully well in preventing colon cancer.

 Number eight: enhances digestion addition to the many benefits of zucchini you have already seen the Wonder squash also aids digestion according to a report published by the University of Rhode Island green fruits and vegetables like zucchini promote healthy digestion you can have zucchini as an after meal he simply shreds some carrots and zucchini on a quick bread or muffins and relish the taste.

Number nine: lowers blood pressure if you walk down a random Street and pick any person you first see chances are he might be suffering from high blood pressure if you ask us blood pressure is more of a mind thing we are so stressed about everything in life that blood pressure issues have become inevitable almost zucchini being rich in potassium is one of the most preferred foods to combat hypertension surprisingly enough zucchini has more potassium than a banana.

Number 10: slows down aging anti aging is a big market today no less than a billion dollar industry but you probably wouldn't have to contribute much to that segment if you have zucchinis in your kitchen zucchini is a good source of the antioxidants lutein and zeaxanthin these two carotenoids exhibit powerful anti-aging properties 53 they protect the cells of the body and the skin from free radical damage which may otherwise lead to premature aging Lydian and zeaxanthin have also been found to lighten the skin and improve its health.

Number 11: strengthens bones and teeth green vegetables and fruits like zucchini promotes stronger bones and teeth the Lydian and zeaxanthin in zucchini keep the bones and teeth strong in addition they also strengthen the blood cells zucchini also contains vitamin K which contributes to stronger bones magnesium is another nutrient zucchini is rich in most of the body's magnesium resides in the bones which helps build strong bones and teeth magnesium also works along with calcium to improve muscle contraction.

Number 12: helps balance thyroid and adrenaline function zucchini is rich in manganese a mineral that promotes the optimal functioning of the thyroid gland. 

Number 13: helps during pregnancy dark green vegetables are a must during pregnancy and zucchini is one of them in the nine months of pregnancy consuming zucchini offers adequate b-complex vitamins that help maintain the energy levels and mood zucchini is rich in folic acid that has shown to reduce the risk of certain birth defects like spina bifida the baby's spinal cord doesn't develop properly and anencephaly absence of a major portion of the brain as per a Canadian study over 50 countries that have fortified their food staples with folic acid saw a dramatic decrease in neural tube defects in pregnant women.

Number 14: good for babies and kids diarrhea is one common problem amongst most kids over one year of age oh yes there will be medications but changes in the diet can also help bland foods work well in this case and peeled zucchini can do wonders mashed zucchini can also be a good addition to your baby's diet since it is soft and bland in taste your baby will be able to consume it easily.

Number 15: helps prevent gout zucchinis vitamin C grabs the spotlight yet again one study has linked vitamin C intake with a lower risk of gout in men it achieves this by lowering serum uric acid levels via a process called the Yuriko suruc effect the vitamin was also found to prevent not just gout but numerous other youh related diseases as well.

Number 16: promotes prostate health when it comes to men zucchini is one of the vegetables that is often overlooked but seldom does one know that its phytonutrients greatly benefit the prostate the high carotenoid content of zucchini also associates it with a reduced risk of prostate cancer we have seen that zucchini is rich in beta-carotene and vitamin C both of these nutrients as per a study were found to be positively associated with prostate cancer vitamin C reduces oxidative DNA damage and hampers the growth and ability of prostate cancer cells.

Number 17: aids collagen formation as we have seen zucchini contains riboflavin whose deficiency was found to affect the maturation of collagen one more reason zucchini can be great for the skin is its high water content which has been found to enhance skin health tremendously the vitamin C in the squash plays a major part in the synthesis of collagen which as we know is quite important to maintain the health of joints cartilage skin and blood vessels the vitamin also protects the body from cellular damage.

Number 18: helps in skin hydration there is a reason zucchini is also called summer squash it hydrates the body and the skin and helps it deal with the summer heat.

Number 19: proves brain functioning and memory green foods especially zucchini are rich in folate and are excellent for brain health folate also helps in the production of DNA and RNA the body's genetic material the nutrient apart from improving mental health also enhances emotional health the deficiency of folate is linked to megaloblastic anemia which results in weakness and fatigue increased folate intake has been linked to reduced risk of dementia and Alzheimer's disease in women.

Number 20: promotes hair growth zucchini being rich in zinc promotes hair growth the vitamin C in zucchini can treat dry and splitting hair it also makes your hair strands strong and supple lack of vitamin C can result in the enlargement of hair follicles which might eventually stall hair growth.

Number 21: enhances immunity talk of immunity and vitamin C is what comes to your mind isn't it we are not going to tell you again that zucchini is an excellent source of vitamin C the vitamin is an active form of ascorbic acid that boosts the immune system and it does this in several ways firstly vitamin C develops the body's t-cells a type of white blood cells into functional t-cells that defend against diseases it also helps you produce more immune cells the antioxidant properties of vitamin C also prevents cells from dying due to inflammation the RDA of vitamin C is 90 milligrams in males and 74 milligrams in females.