Stomach Flu Treating


Treating The Stomach Flu

Treating Stomach Flu

What Is Stomach Flu?

Stomach flu is a misnomer really influenza is respiratory has to do with the lungs do you get the dry cough the fevers so what is the ailment we call stomach flu it's just a more of a common term is for a viral gastroenteritis and preventive medicine specialist dr. Cindy Kermit says the best remedy for it is simply to rest symptoms exist because it's telling your body what to do it's telling you to slow down doctor Kermit's advice is to avoid eating or drinking anything for a few hours.

• You just want to have your stomach settle a little bit first then it's important to stay hydrated sip on a clear fluid water is best but clear sodas or weak teas are okay too if you can't tolerate liquids try chewing on ice chips when your stomach has fully settled try eating small amounts of easily digestible foods like soda crackers unbuttered toast gelatin or a banana and avoid fatty and spicy foods until you're fully recovered.

stomach flu Treatment

If you have a stomach flu you may think you'll never ever ever be sicker than that it's the worst feeling in the world the biggest thing to do is really attack it quickly because if you let the stomach flu or the stomach virus prolong too long you're going to get dehydrated and actually get much sicker so you can either have nausea and vomiting or you can have diarrhea or you can have both in both cases you really lose a lot of fluids and you can get very sick from it you really need to hydrate yourself with products such as Pedialyte or dilute juices or diluted Gatorade vitamin water.

• All of those have electrolytes and water and that really helps to rehydrate your body so if you need to hydrate yourself and you don't have anything at home such as the juices or the Gatorade or the Pedialyte you can make your own electrolyte solution by taking some water putting a pinch of salt a little bit of sugar and if you have a little squeeze of lemon that's going to help you rehydrate yourself and give yourself a really good rehydration solution.

• Straight water doesn't work that great because it actually makes you more nauseous and may make you vomit even more so if you can get the electrolytes and the water in there to try to rehydrate you you're going to do really well with it trying a little pepto-bismol will help also with those symptoms of nausea vomiting and will definitely help with the diarrhea if it doesn't go away between 24 to 48 hours you really need to seek medical attention because you could get again really sick if you get too dehydrated.

Herbal Remedies For Stomach Viruses

The best way to prevent them with a stomach virus I'm assuming there was vomiting and diarrhea and so it's crucial to replace fluids replace every fluid fluid wash loss sipping clear fluids with a pinch of salt can help to restore fluid balance in your son's body today we're going to make a

Number one: ginger tea and then I'm going to give you lots of other suggestions but what you're going to do is cut four small slices of peeled ginger so what we're gonna do is just cut a little piece of ginger doesn't need to be too much ginger is quite strong and his little taste buds probably won't want too much of it so we're just going to slice it really thin like that place it in your tea mug and then add a teaspoon of honey this will make sure he drinks it and poor and if you don't do honey you could do a gob a nectar pour boiling water over that and then let that sit so the ginger is great to help boost his immune system and help with the nausea so this could be something that he could do kind of regularly as well to help prevent upcoming viruses.

 Number two: fennel tea also helps to stop vomiting with mild abdominal pain indigestion or acid regurgitation mint tea is great for stomach cramps and spasms and it's refreshing flavors often welcoming after vomiting and I don't know if you live in Canada but in Canada President's Choice puts out a tea called feeling soothe and it combines all three of those ingredients called peppermint ginger and fennel so there you go hold them together which I love this tea I also love.

Number three: marshmallow root tea it calms your stomach and it aids with any kind of digestive issues so it's a pretty mild tea - he'd probably drink it with honey in it.

Number four: rooibos tea which my daughter loves is it's also known as red tea is said to calm the digestive tract and ease stomach problems stomach cramps.

Number five: chamomile tea this is going to soothe your stomach tremendously and it may also help with stomach cramps chamomile is very calming now in terms of long-term solutions I'm going to suggest astragalus root is fantastic for boosting immunity especially for people who are experiencing frequent infections and I'm going to put a link where you can order it in the show notes you can order it from Mountain Rose herbs which is my favorite place to spend all my money in these days and I'll put a link to where you can buy it and it kind of comes in long leaves and all you'll do is just stick some in the soups that you're cooking and then when you're done cooking your soups you can take it out it has no flavor so nobody and your family will be any of the wiser.

• So that's the great thing about it when it comes to kids and it's great for boosting immunity so that will be awesome and also here's something you could do you could pack dried blueberries and as lunch they've been used as for centuries as a cure for diarrhea and young children they're high in fiber and antioxidants as well as being a bacterial inhibitor that contain a substance which you can read it in the show notes that's thought to be lethal to e.coli a bacteria that's often linked to these infections blueberries are also high in fiber which aids in water retention and adds bulk to the stool so that might be a good thing to pack in your son's lunches too and they're super sweet so you'd probably go for that so that's our tea.