Yoga Routine For Beginners

Yoga Routine For Beginners

Yoga Routine For Beginners

 Quick 10 minute yoga routine when you're ready let's begin in a child's pose on our mats take your knees wide and soften your body forward arms extending out long forehead resting on the mat right away relax the muscles in your face your jaw your eyes and take a long inhale through your notes open mouth let it go one more time in through your nose open-mouth let it go I'll continue breathing in and out through your notes and turn up your ujjayi pranayama.

• So that's a breathing technique that makes your breath audible this takes practice just like everything else in yoga so practice this breath this muscle constriction in the back of your throat it'll keep you focused and grounded when you're ready rise up into a tabletop position on your hands and knees then lower your belly down to lift your chin big breath in exhale to round your spine tuck your chin stretch out the muscles along your back inhale cow pose belly drops chin lifts exhale to your cat back round your spine keep going with your breath slow and fluid and feel free to add any other movement or variation that serves you.

• Today coming back to your neutral spine ban your fingers out wide and grip into the mat curl your toes under behind you and lift your knees up only 3 inches use your ujjayi breath here to stay focused as you feel your whole body engage and the muscles in your core begin to fire up arms are strong pore is tight legs are firm 3 to why send it back to downward-facing dog and bend one knee and then the other reach your hips high and back press your chest towards your thighs for a nice long spine.

 Now take a walk to the top of your mat into a forward fold feel free to separate your feet a couple of inches gently bend your knees you can fold deeper and if you'd like a drag doll arms or sway side to side then release your elbows toe heel your feet together to touch with a gentle bend in your knees pull your lower belly in and unroll all the way up to standing when you come all the way up bring your hands together at heart center and reconnect with your ujjayi pranayama Sanskrit for victorious breath control this engagement in the back of your throat.

• Not only allows you to hear and feel your breath but it also allows you to pace your breath so on your next inhale reach your arms up for mountain boys firm up your body and to add a side bend grab on to your left wrist and dive over to the right just a couple of inches feel your whole left side lengthen then come back to Mountain Pose and switch your grip grab on to your right wrist and dive over to the left make sure you're not curling forward keep your chest open come back the Mountain Pose release your grip and Bend both elbows open for a mini backbend like cactus arms lift up through your heart and keep your tailbone tucking under.

• So that your lower back is long and your lower belly is engaged inhale to Mountain Pose exhale forward fold hinge at your hips come all the way down next is halfway lift slide your hands up your shins pull your heart forward finding your long flat back inhale exhale to fold plant your hands on the mat and step your feet back into a high plank next is chaturanga and we'll do this quite a few times throughout the practice today so take whatever variation serves you in a moment so bend your elbows and lower down halfway you can always modify with your knees down as you inhale find upward facing dog lift up through your chest as you sink down.

• into your hips but keep your knees lifting off the mat for strong legs and then send it back to downward facing dog curl your toes under reach your hips high and back as you press your chest towards your thighs and remember that you can modify or even skip that vinyasa throughout the rest of today's practice whatever serves you best today in your downward-facing dog let's flow inhale look up to your hands bend your knees exhale step your feet to touch at the top of your mat for halfway lift inhale slide your hands up your shins press your heart forward and exhale to forward fold inhale rise up Mountain Pose grab your left wrist at the top as you exhale dive over to the right inhale back to your Mountain Pose switch your grip and as you exhale dive to the left inhale back.

• To your Mountain Pose for a mini backbend as you exhale bend your elbows open lift your heart up inhale back to Mountain exhale forward fold halfway lift as you breathe in nice long flat back and chaturanga as you breathe out all at once plant your hands step your feet back lower down upward facing dog as you inhale downward facing dog as you exhale again look up bend your knees exhale step your feet to touch the top of the mat for halfway lift then forward fold inhale Mountain Pose exhale dive to the right inhale Mountain to the left inhale to Mountain mini backbend back to Mountain Pose breathe in and forward fold as you breathe out slow and fluid halfway lift inhale chaturanga exhale nice and strong and you also through to your downward facing dog and take that flow one more time through feel free to make it your own add or subtract poses as you see fit.

• And we'll meet up in downward-facing dog when you get there and take a seat on your knees and that's it for a quick 10 minute yoga routine.