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MY INTEREST - Traveling - Make and plan annual trips to different countries to experience new cultures.

MY FAVOURITE MUSIC- My favourite genre of music is Pop music because I like music that has a good rhythm and beat and is fun to dance to and lifts my mood. Pop music is a highly popular genre of music which has derived from early rock and roll music and it can also contain elements of urban, dance and rock.  The reason I like pop music is because it is usually upbeat, catchy as well as being very contemporary.

MY FAVOURITE FLIMS - I love many movies, and I liked Pixar and Disney's 'Onward'. It was released recently, and I loved the graphics, stories, and the topics. It's about the elf brother who got the opportunity to make their dead father alive. But accidently they brought only their dad's legs, so they go journey to find the other phinix gem to bring their father's whole body too. And... I cannot write all the plot here, 'cause it is spoiler. However, 'Onward' was a great film.

MY FAVOURITE BOOKS - My favorite book is Becoming. this book author was the first lady of USA. It is based on a true story and the first lady and her family and the impact of women on society. Micheal Obama is also quite amazing person. The book also shows the power of education

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